Call of Duty Mobile: The Gunsmith Update

One of the most anticipated updates in the history of Call of Duty: Mobile is now available. What is this update all about? It has been dubbed as the Gunsmith update and it introduces monthly seasons with new characters, weaponry, maps, battle pass content updates, and more.

Let’s begin with the most important feature of all, the Gunsmith System. This feature allows you to craft your own weapon by customizing loadouts in details. If you have played Modern Combat 4 on iOS or Android before then you might be familiar with this concept. In place of five Multiplayer loadouts, you can now unlock up to ten loadout slots for more space to test your weapons with the Gunsmith feature.

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Gunsmith offers you much more to work with than what was available for you before. Primary weapons and pistols in the past had one optical attachment slot and three more slots to customize. On the other hand, with the new Gunsmith feature, now you are able to customize the Optic, Laser, Muzzle, Barrel, Under-barrel, Ammunition, Rear Grip, Stock, and Perk. By our count, that’s a total of 9 slots for attachments and you can also have up to 5 unique attachments to choose from. Each weapon constitutes up to more than 50 attachments.

Not only do you change your weapon’s appearance with these customizations but you decide how the weapon functions in battle. You can unlock these attachments by leveling up your weapon. Keep in mind that attachments can render your weapon in a positive or negative way, you need to be smart about how you choose your customizations and test them out to discover what works best for you.

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Some customizations are cosmetic such as the Camo, Charm, Sticker, and Reticle (if available). This will make your weapon even more unique in terms of looks. Cosmetic changes also apply to secondary weapons which do not support functionality changes like primary weapons.

In addition, there is a new Battle Pass launching August 16th which introduces new Premium Battle Pass Rewards such as new Epic Soldiers, new Epic Blueprints, new legendary Calling Card, and new Battle Dressed themed items. The free Battle Pass rewards bring a new base Marksman Rifle and new Scorestreak called Shield Turret.

As for new modes, there is a new 10v10 mode that you can find available for Team Death Match and Domination. It is available for the following maps: Shipment, Takeoff, Meltdown, and Crossfire. If you didn’t notice, Shipment is a new and classic map that was just added which features cargo containers. This new map is available for countless modes.

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And they did not forget about Battle Royale. This game mode also supports the Gunsmith system. The mode also received new additions such as the ability for players to acquire loadout customized weapons from airdrop. New areas have also been added such as Radar Base, Dormitory, Outpost, and Camp. Moreover, you will find new weapons, new attachments, and new items.

Finally, we barely scratched the surface because there are a plethora of improvements and optimizations. While we won’t mention all these changes, we will touch on some features. Death Machine long-range damage has been increased; Sparrow drawing speed has been increased; War Machine’s grenades now have a bigger area of effect; Molotov Cocktail is now a lethal equipment and has an increased damage; and the reloading animation & the firing animation have been optimized.

Click here to read the full list of changes that have come with this new update. We are really excited about this massive update and with the new Gunsmith system, tournaments are going to become even more interesting. Be sure to stay tuned with our website for the latest on Call of Duty: Mobile. You can watch the trailer for the Gunsmith update below.

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