Fall Guys: Would It Succeed As A Mobile Esports Experience?

Surely, you have heard of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, the new massively multiplayer party game, which has been all over the news recently and played by the most popular of creators. This game allows up to 60 players to compete in a free for all series that is full of fun and challenges. The game presents itself in a colorful and captivating world that keeps you hooked from the first match.

Image Source: Fall Guys

Fall Guys is not available on mobile devices but is available for PS4 and PC players. However, it has been reported that it will be coming to mobile devices in China through the entertainment company called Bilibili. There is evidence that this company has secured rights to the game which further proves this is the case.

It would not be surprising to see Fall Guys come to iOS and Android because there is a vast and passionate audience that would welcome this game. We have seen countless console games make their way to mobile only to become more successful on mobile than other platforms. With these reports coming out about a Chinese mobile version would mean that an international version would also be coming eventually.

Image Source: Fall Guys

According to Esports Observer, a representative from the developer, Mediatonic, has confirmed to the news outlet that a mobile version of Fall Guys is in the works. So we do know that there will be a mobile version coming to Chinese mobile devices but we don’t know when. If we had to guess, it would be sometime in 2021. In addition, an international version is inevitable and should be coming after the Chinese version because a popular game like this would not avoid an international audience that is excited for it when it would be very profitable to the developers.

Let’s take PUBG Mobile as an example. It has a passionate mobile esports audience that is significantly growing and the game itself has reached the top charts in August and generated over $682.4 million in profit, according to Sensor Tower. This is a whopping amount that Tencent has made only from iOS and Android users within 1 month. Therefore, we don’t see a reason for why an international version of Fall Guys would not be possible considering there are many games that have become extremely successful on mobile, even surpassing their consoles counterpart.

Image Source: Fall Guys

Finally, the game would be perfect on mobile since there aren’t much controls to use which grants mobile gamers an appropriate user interface. Moreover, with its competitive nature and fun gameplay, the game would be extremely successful as a mobile esports title. We already see successful esports events for it going on and there is no reason why it wouldn’t have the same success on mobile. We know this because there is a high demand for mobile esports titles in the mobile gaming community and Fall Guys, with its popularity, would be an instant success. You can watch the trailer for this game below.

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