Rules of Survival: Update Introduces New Map & Up To 300 Players

If you thought beating 120 players was a difficult task then fasten your seat belts because you are in for a crazy ride. We have been receiving great updates from NetEase and exciting announcements regarding an upcoming map. Yet, what was even more mind-boggling is the announcement that the game will expand from 120 players to 300 players within the same map!

Rules of Survival – New Map Trailer

That is quite an insane number to have in one map and we don’t mean it in a bad way. This expansion makes the game extremely difficult and outlasting 300 players will turn you into a legend if accomplished. The good news is that we will have the new map released within a few weeks. We told you it won’t take long for NetEase to release it because their team is one of the fastest and most hard working team we have seen in so many years.

Rules of Survival – New Map Trailer

We are very excited to play on the new map and face 300 opponents on the battlefield. Stay tuned with our website for tips and tricks on how to survive 300 players in the new map. We will have the article covering this topic released once these features are out. You can watch the trailer for the new map below.

One thought on “Rules of Survival: Update Introduces New Map & Up To 300 Players

  1. I feel like there should be two drop planes at this point going in two different destinations from each other so that way the map is more covered instead one line going through the map


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