Vainglory: The 5v5 Pre-Launch Party

The most awaited moment in Vainglory’s history is finally here. Update 3.0 will be introducing a new map, specifically designed for their new 5v5 mode which has been long anticipated by the MOBA fans. The update has been announced for release in February but before that happens, there is a Pre-Launch Party!

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Super Evil Megacorp will be celebrating on the 8th of February in honor of their 5v5 Update. This is a huge transformation from Vainglory’s 3v3 to a much bigger and more strategic experience. In this event, CEO Kristian Segerstrale will discuss how far Vainglory has come along with news regarding the game and its future. The new map, Sovereign’s Rise, will be discussed and explored. We will also learn more about the company’s plans for Vainglory Esports in 2018.

If you would like to attend the event then click here to register. It will take place at the Folsom Street Foundry in San Francisco, California. The Pre-Launch Party will start at 3:30 PM – 9:00 PM PST. Of course, it will also be livestreamed on their Twitch so if you cannot attend in person then be sure to watch it. Finally, if you haven’t seen the update’s preview video then watch it below.

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