Arena of Valor: Cresht Is Now Available In NA & SA

An interesting thing you may have noticed about Arena of Valor is that some heroes happen to be temporarily exclusive to specific regions. Now that the game has launched in North America & South America, Cresht has become available for the players of these regions.

So what do we know about Cresht, The Mermidon? Conveniently enough, ”Ancient records didn’t contain much detail regarding his (Cresht’s) origins,” according to his bio. Luckily enough, we have played with this character countless times and can vouch for him as a solid hero. Cresht’s abilities are as follows:

  • Tidal Rage: Cresht gains Rage with normal attacks when Meta-morphosis is not active.
  • Typhoon: Cresht’s lance swings grant Rage, knock back surrounding heroes and deal physical damage.
  • Aquatic Shield: Cresht jumps to the target location, summoning a whirlpool that grants friendly heroes a shield, absorbing up to damage.
  • Metamorphosis: Cresht consumes all Rage and morphs into his true form, growing in size and gaining an absorption shield.
Cresht: The Mermidon – Arena of Valor

His abilities, as described in-game, are definitely one of the best combination that renders him among the most powerful in the Tank / Support Class. At first sight, he looks like an angry, green creature holding a spear. Your opponents will make a big mistake by underestimating his small size.

He can be quite unstoppable once he reaches Metamorphosis and in our experience can eliminate 2 or 3 enemy heroes on his own once he reaches this stage. The only disadvantage would be that you might not stay in Metamorphosis long enough to eliminate them and might transform to your original form, rendering you vulnerable. Therefore, you always want to have other heroes along with you when you want to transform.

You always want to play safe when he is in his original form and never rush into fights unless you have your Metamorphosis ability active and ready. If Cresht is not available to be selected for free then you can now purchase him for 999 Vouchers or 13,888 Gold. A great aspect about Arena of Valor is it allows you to try any hero you like by tapping on Hero Trial. We highly recommend that you test Cresht on the battlefield and if utilized strategically, you will come out as the MVP of most of the matches that you play. You can watch Cresht’s Hero Spotlight below.

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