Quantum Special Attack: A Fortnite-Styled Battle Royale

Image Source: https://lz.163.com/

If you thought that NetEase has run out of ideas then you are mistaken. Our first article of 2018 will present to you a new surprise announced by the giant company. While they did release 3 Battle Royale games in 2017, they have another one in the making. Quantum Special Attack is a free Fortnite-inspired Battle Royale with cartoonish visuals that will launch on Android this year. While there has not been any information regarding iOS, we do believe it will be coming to iOS as well.

Image Source: https://lz.163.com/

It takes a more fun approach in terms of gameplay in comparison to titles like Rules of Survival. You can transform into a scarecrow or a tree to disguise yourself from enemies and even build a shelter and hide in it. The game supports real-time weather and comes with a 6K world map where hundreds of people can play.

Image Source: https://lz.163.com/

Players will be able to use vehicles across the sea and on land. There will also be a lot of interesting weapons to choose from. It seems like the Battle Royale Genre is taking over mobile in 2018 and we are excited to get our hands on this upcoming mobile game. Stay tuned with our website for more news regarding Quantum Special Attack.

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