Pokemon Unite: A New Type of MOBA Announced

Did the Pokemon Company just announce a new Pokemon-themed MOBA? Yes they did! Did they partner with Tencent and Timi Studios to make it happen? That is exactly what just happened. What a year this is, don’t you agree? Let’s start with what we do know.

Image Source: Pokemon Unite Announcement Video

Pokemon Unite is the first team-based game that will be available on mobile devices such as iOS, Android, and the Nintendo Switch. The game supports crossplay so prepare to play against gamers from other platforms. This is a special Pokemon game because it is the first one that focuses on teamwork at this scale.

So far we are looking forward to play this game. Based on the announcement video, the Pokemon type doesn’t necsesarily have any effect on the battlefield. There is more to learn about the mechanics of this game and we will let you know once we learn more.

Furthermore, this MOBA game features a 5vs5 mode where both teams are placed on opposite sides of the battlefield, just like Vainglory.

Image Source: Pokemon Unite Announcement Video

Moreover, you can evolve your Pokemon by earning points through defeating wild Pokemon and your opponents’ Pokemon. However, this is a game that is based on teamwork so you need to work with your team to achieve victory and not depend on yourself alone.

Image Source: Pokemon Unite Announcement Video

Finally, we do know that Pokemon Unite will be released on iOS, Android, and the Nintendo Switch as a free-to-play game but we have yet to learn when. We definitely look forward to see Pokemon Unite tournaments as it will enrich the mobile esports industry. Don’t forget to watch the Pokemon Unite announcement below.

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