Critical Ops: The Pistol Tournament – The Semi Finals

We were watching the Semi Finals of the Critical Ops: Pistol Tournament during the weekend as four renowned teams faced each other in a Best of 3 format. MOBILE E-SPORTS®‘s broadcast started with Destined2Rise facing CsPG Immortals. The first is a dedicated North American team that has always managed to be among the semi finalists in the majority of tournaments. On the other hand, CsPG Immortals has been and still is one of the most powerful Asian teams in the Critical Ops community with a uniquely, synchronized teamwork.

Image Source: MOBILE E-SPORTS Stream

Each team had the chance to play on their server of choice in order to keep the tournament as fair as possible. Both teams have played with great skill but Destined2Rise ended up the victor. This guarantees a place for Destined2Rise in the Finals.

The second match was between Gankstars and Learn From Past. The first is one of the most recognized North American team in the Critical Ops community while Learn From Past is a talented team from Japan that has defeated the best that the community has provided. In the first match, Gankstars beat Learn From Past without pressure and with a high win/loss ratio. However, in the second match when Learn From Past played on its own server, they managed to bring the score to a 12-12 situation, one match away from defeating Gankstars.

Image Source: MOBILE E-SPORTS Stream

It was an exciting moment on the stream as viewers couldn’t wait to see what will happen next. The final round came down to a 2vs2 situation but ending with a victory for Gankstars. This places Gankstars in the Finals where they will face Destined2Rise in a Best of 5 format. We highly recommend that you watch the Semi Finals below to get the full Mobile eSports experience.


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