Critical Ops: The Gun Game Update Has Launched

Critical Ops has received an update that introduces the new Gun Game mode. Previously, the first person shooter game had Team Deathmatch & Defuse The Bomb modes which were the centre of competitive tournaments. With this new mode added, it will be interesting to see how the community reacts to it and whether it will become the primary mode in which players spend most of their time on.

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So how does Gun Game function? Players start with the lowest tier weapon and each time a player gets a kill, receives a higher tier weapon. Once a player reaches level 15 then that’s when victory is achieved. The interesting catch about this mode is if you get killed then you go down a level and thus respawn with a lower tier weapon.

Critical Ops has recently been updated with a new map called Brewery which is also an exciting map to play on. We are looking forward to see what comes next from Critical Force that will keep this long-time first person shooter even more interesting. You can watch the video regarding the new update below.

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