Paladins Strike: Will It Follow In The Footsteps of Its PC Counterpart?

The news surrounding Paladins: Champions of the Realm has been quite interesting recently. The free-to-play hero shooter by Hi-Rez Studios is reported to get a new Battle Royale mode called Battlegrounds. Unusual news but not totally surprising since the Battle Royale hype is at its peak among gamers. Following its release on PC and the consoles in late 2016, the game has been compared to Overwatch, whether for good or bad. Our interest today, however, is the mobile version of the game called Paladins Strike.

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Paladins Strike introduces the Paladins universe onto mobile and the game is currently soft launched in Australia with plans to be released this year on iOS and Android. The mobile game is quite different in its gameplay from the PC version since it takes a MOBA-styled approach. We are very confident that we will see Paladins Strike enter Mobile eSports once it has been released. Hi-Rez Studios has guided the original one through the eSports experience and it would be unlikely that the mobile title won’t follow its path.

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In fact, the company proudly advertises on its website professional gaming for Paladins Strike and a future with Mobile eSports. We are very excited for the mobile game to come out as it would be a valuable franchise entering the rising world of Mobile eSports. You can watch the trailer for this upcoming title below.

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