Botworld Adventure: Inspired By Pokemon & World of Warcraft

Most of us gamers have been inspired by certain games, especially during childhood. A large portion of gamers carry memories of Pokemon with them from childhood to this day and for most of us, it was probably our first introduction to gaming. One certain game that caught our attention recently is called Botworld Adventure, a game inspired by Pokemon & World of Warcraft, and we want to tell you all about it.

Image Source: Featherweight Games

Developed by Featherweight Games, the makers of Rodeo Stampede & Skiing Yeti Mountain, the upcoming open-world RPG is likely to take over the mobile gaming world within a short period of time since its launch due to the wonderful elements it packs. It ticks every box that any Pokemon fan would be looking for, from exploring a world full of 12 unique environments to building the strongest team of bots you can find.

The universe of Botworld Adventure is built on the crumbling relics of a lost civilization where you get to unravel its mysteries. Your hometown will be Scavenger’s Landing where you will be visiting often to strengthen your team and battle in the Arena.

Image Source: Featherweight Games

The Multiplayer Arena allows you to challenge other players in the game by battling their bot teams which is really fun and competitive. Each bot comes with unique features and abilities while you can customize their powers to your liking.

Finally, the game will launch in the 3rd quarter of this year with 30 bots and more will be added in later updates. The game is currently in early access on Google Play while soft launched in select regions on the App Store. If you are a fan of Pokemon or World of Warcraft elements then keep an eye out for Botworld Adventure. You can watch the gameplay trailer below.

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