G FUEL & Tetris: The Evolution of a Game

Tetris is a game and a brand that has existed for decades. In fact, today is World Tetris Day. In celebration of Tetris’ 37th anniversary, G FUEL has partnered with The Tetris Company to launch Tetris Blast, a new G FUEL flavor that lives up to the brand’s classic style.

Tetris is a game that goes as far as the 1980s and is easily one of the most recognized games in history. Billion of Tetris games have been downloaded on mobile devices every year. So you can see why Tetris is a powerful & elite brand in the gaming industry.

Image Source: G FUEL Energy

Tetris Blast comes in several forms.The Tub on its own can be purchased for $35.99 while the Collector’s Box which features a Tub, a Shaker Cup, and a Scooper is priced at $39.99. The Collector’s Box is the better choice since it is a limited edition, comes with a Tetris-themed Shaker Cup, and is more economical.

Tetris Blast will also be released in cans form later this month as a 4 pack and a 12 pack. These cans will be available for residents of the United States only. The 4 pack is priced at $10.99 and the 12 pack will cost $31.99.

This new flavor is described as a rainbow candy flavor and comes in a colorful Tetris themed classic design. It is a worthy product to add to your collection because of the brand it represents.

Image Source: G FUEL Energy

“Tetris is thrilled to be working with G FUEL, one of the biggest names in energy drinks, to deliver the ultimate thirst quencher for game fans,” said Maya Rogers, President and CEO of Tetris. “We see G FUEL Tetris Blast as the perfect addition to our ever-growing lineup of lifestyle products, and what better day for its debut than World Tetris Day.”

“We’re honored to team up with the iconic Tetris brand and for the first time in history, take fans from just playing Tetris to playing and tasting Tetris in the form of an energy drink,” said G FUEL Founder and CEO, Cliff Morgan. “With Tetris Blast’s bursting rainbow candy flavor and attention-grabbing packaging, Tetris fans around the world will love sipping on our newest flavor as they make order out of chaos.”

Image Source: G FUEL Energy

G FUEL as a company ensures that their products are healthy and energizing for gamers. The Tetris Blast product will provide more focus and concentration for you during your gaming sessions or in other activities that you might engage in.

For those that are aiming for a healthy lifestyle, this is the ideal energy drink to get since G FUEL products contain 0 Sugar, plenty of antioxidants, and a good mixture of Vitamin C, E , B12, and B6.

Finally, G FUEL is a partner of ours and we are very proud of this relationship. They support the work that we do in the mobile gaming industry. So when it comes to energy products, there is no doubt in our mind that the company that deserves the most support is G FUEL. Not only because they support the mobile esports industry but they also support many creators, gamers and teams within our industry.

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