PUBG Mobile: The Godzilla vs Kong Update

A new update (1.4) has arrived to PUBG Mobile and the content is truly impressive. Players have been patiently waiting for this one and it was worth the wait. This update introduces a new Arena Map called The Hanger along with two new modes called Microcosm which allows you to play while being small & Titan Strikes which features legendary characters such as Godzilla, Kong, and Mechagodzilla.

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The new mode Titan Strikes features mysterious titans battling on Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik. These titans will make an epic entrance on Spawn Island and then they will start moving randomly and will interact with new camps and monster settlements that they see.

Will these titans attack you? Not always, only when there are too many players at one location which bothers them a lot so watch out. Moreover, some of these new camps belong to the Apex Expeditionary Army and once they are destroyed by a titan, players can steal the supplies available because these camps are rich with supplies.

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There are Monster Settlements which are areas where a monster is drawn from underground to the surface by energy radiating from one of the three Titans. These creatures can attack players but eliminating them will leave you with plenty of resources.

The other mode is called Microcosm which transforms you into a mini insectoid. You will have to stay out of sight and be part of a new experience. In this mode, there will be 5 labs on Erangel map and you can interact with them to minimize yourself in order to turn into an insectoid and fly. Then you will receive a special insectoid weapon to engage in battle with other insectoids. It is quite a fun and entertaining mode.

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Furthermore, there is a new map called The Hangar which is accessible on June 1st. It will be available for Team Deathmatch, Arena Training, and Team Gun Game modes. The map places you on a huge ship that’s floating over the ocean. There will be lots of places for you to find cover and the map encourages a fast-paced gameplay.

Finally, this latest update is a massive one and brings about a thrilling experience where you can see gigantic & classic titans and also gives you the opportunity to play as an insectoid. Update your game now, it requires 660 MB of storage on Android and 1.67 GB on iOS. You can watch the trailer for this update below.

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