G FUEL, Disney, & Lucasfilm: An Out-Of-This-World Partnership

As everyone was asleep, G FUEL collaborated with Disney & Lucasfilm to introduce an out-of-this-world product line: The Sparkling Hydration inspired by Star Wars: The Bad Batch. This may sound like a mouthful but certainly one we would love to taste. G FUEL has pioneered the energy drink industry throughout the years with their powdered energy formula, ready-to-drink cans, powdered hydration formula, edible energy crystals, and now they have taken the game to a whole new level with the sparkling hydration.

Image Source: G FUEL Energy

The Sparkling Hydration is themed after the new Disney original series called Star Wars: The Bad Batch. This animated series was just launched on May 4th and follows the story of the Bad Batch that were first introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. They are a powerful force with extraordinary skills that have become a formidable power in the Star Wars universe.

The Sparkling Hydration comes in two flavors: Black Cherry & Kiwi Strawberry. Each flavor can be purchased as a 12 pack at the price of $24.99 or you can go for the 24 pack and get both flavors at the price of $49.98. You can pre-order now until May 10th if you are within the United States and shipping will begin next month in June.

Image Source: G FUEL Energy

“Today marks an important milestone for G FUEL. As big Star Wars fans, we’re honored to collaborate with the visionaries at Disney and Lucasfilm to introduce Sparkling Hydration to the world,” said G FUEL Founder and CEO, Cliff Morgan. “With Sparkling Hydration’s refreshing natural flavor, various health benefits, and just the right amount of carbonation, we’re confident that our fans will love it.”

G FUEL as a company ensures that their products are healthy and energizing for gamers. The Sparkling Hydration product is designed to provide hydration and recovery to the consumer.

Image Source: G FUEL Energy

For those that are aiming for a healthy lifestyle, this is the ideal energy drink to get since this G FUEL product contains 0 Sugar, 0 Calories, 0 Caffeine, and plenty of antioxidants, and a good mixture of Vitamin A, C, E , B6, B12, and D2.

Finally, G FUEL is a partner of ours and we are very proud of this relationship. They support the work that we do in the mobile gaming industry. So when it comes to energy products, there is no doubt in our mind that the company that deserves the most support is G FUEL. Not only because they support the mobile esports industry but they also support many creators, gamers, and teams within our industry.

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