G FUEL & SEGA: An Unexpected Announcement

Last year, G FUEL & SEGA came together to introduce the Sonic Peach Rings flavor. After a successful launch, they have come together again to make a special announcement, the new G FUEL Chili Dogs that’s inspired by Sanic, the meme. We know that the choice of date for the announcement is a bit tricky because you are probably thinking this is an April Fool’s joke but it is not.

The meme itself is over a decade old and is a deliberate misspelling of ”Sonic” while featuring a poorly-drawn illustration of the real Sonic. It is quite funny and a bold move by G FUEL & SEGA to announce such a flavor which actually tastes like chili dogs.

Sanic Chili Dogs is currently available to be added on the waitlist so that you can pre-order soon. This flavor comes as part of a bundle which includes the Chili Dogs Tub itself, Sonic Peach Rings Tub, and a Sanic Shaker Cup. All these 3 products for only $39.99. It certainly doesn’t get more economical than this price. This bundle will start shipping in June but don’t wait too long to add it to waitlist because this is a limited edition and there will be a limited amount of orders before it goes out of stock.

Image Source: G FUEL Energy

“The Sanic meme still cracks us up after all of these years. We’re thrilled to work with SEGA again on our second, and yes, very real, Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired crossover flavor,” said G FUEL Founder and CEO, Cliff Morgan. “If you’re waiting for us to yell ‘April Fools,’ don’t hold your breath. G FUEL Sanic Chili Dogs is the real deal.”

“After the runaway success of the G FUEL Sonic’s Peach rings flavor, SEGA and G FUEL sat in a room together (virtual, of course) to try and figure out how to one-up ourselves. After much deliberation, someone jokingly said, “what about a chilidog flavor?”, to which – we all kind of laughed, and then latched on to its simplistic brilliance. I mean, who doesn’t want to drink a chilidog? Right?” said Michael Cisneros, Manager of Licensing for SEGA of America.

G FUEL as a company ensures that their products are healthy and energizing for gamers. It will provide more focus and concentration for you during your gaming sessions or in other activities that you might engage in. For those that are aiming for a healthy lifestyle, this is the ideal energy drink to get since G FUEL products contain 0 Sugar, plenty of antioxidants, and a good mixture of Vitamin C, E , B12, and B6.

Finally, G FUEL is a partner of ours and we are very proud of this relationship. They support the work that we do in the mobile gaming industry. So when it comes to energy products, there is no doubt in our mind that the company that deserves the most support is G FUEL. Not only because they support the mobile esports industry but they also support many creators, gamers and teams within our industry.

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