G FUEL & Bethesda: The Ancient Gods DLC In A Tub

Upon the release of the official teaser trailer for Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part Two, we got another exciting announcement. G FUEL & Bethesda Softworks have partnered yet again to introduce the new G FUEL Sour Demon’ade that’s inspired by the DOOM Eternal DLC, this is an entirely new flavor! That’s not all, they have also announced a reskin of the Spicy Demon’ade which looks amazing! Both can be pre-ordered at gfuel.com while shipping begins May 15th.

Image Source: G FUEL Energy

Both Tubs can be purchased for $35.99 each but if you choose to get the Double Demon’ade Bundle then you can get both Tubs & a limited edition Slayer Club Shaker for an economical price of $45.99. This is extremely cheap and worth having if you are a Doom fan and like to have the entire collection.

Furthermore, if you only want the Sour Demon’ade with the limited Shaker then you can get the Sour Demon’ade Bundle which contains the Sour flavor with the Shaker for the price of $39.99 which is quite an economical price.

If you are not familiar with the Spicy Demon’ade then you can expect the flavor to be lemonade-ish mixed with a fiery cayenne pepper aftertaste. It is quite unique and lives up to the DOOM brand. As for the Sour Demon’ade, it tastes like a mixture of tart and sour lemon, sour enough to make your face give a Doom-worthy reaction.

Image Source: G FUEL Energy

G FUEL as a company ensures that their products are healthy and energizing for gamers. It will provide more focus and concentration for you during your gaming sessions or in other activities that you might engage in. For those that are aiming for a healthy lifestyle, this is the ideal energy drink to get since G FUEL products contain 0 Sugar, plenty of antioxidants, and a good mixture of Vitamin C, E , B12, and B6.

Finally, G FUEL is a partner of ours and we are very proud of this relationship. They support the work that we do in the mobile gaming industry. So when it comes to energy products, there is no doubt in our mind that the company that deserves the most support is G FUEL. Not only because they support the mobile esports industry but they also support many creators, gamers and teams within our industry.

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