Shadowgun War Games: The Road To Mobile Esports

Last month, Shadowgun War Games received a massive update with Season 4, introducing 9 new heroes, a new map, and new events. This update has enriched the game with more unique characters and team strategy, paving the path for a mobile esports experience.

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The game was updated with a friends system not long ago which allows you to add other players, create a party, and play together with friends using voice chat. This was a game changing-update. Also, the team at Madfinger Games provided promising news, adding that more requested features will be added in upcoming seasonal updates.

One of these features that was reported is the clan system which will allow you to create your own team and combat other clans in the game. This would be a major development for the game’s community and a much anticipated feature for teams and players that are keeping a close eye at Shadowgun War Games and its future in esports.

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Furthermore, the team-based gameplay in Shadowgun War Games provides a natural platform for competitive teams to be part of the Shadowgun universe and it is only a matter of time before the game receives updates that will lead it to its full potential as a mobile esports title.

Finally, when Season 4 was released, one of the Madfinger team members was interviewed by MOBILE E-SPORTS® which was quite interesting and provided a lot of insight regarding the future of the game. In the discussion we also learn that new modes are being worked on and that Shadowgun War Games is being improved significantly. There is a high possibility that the game will be esports ready before the end of 2021. You can watch the full video for this discussion below.

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