Sponsored Article: Where To Find Esports Tournaments For Console Games?

Esports has been growing in popularity for a few years now, showing very decent year on year increases. The year 2020 however, helped push that growth into overdrive. The main reason of course being that the COVID pandemic resulted in almost all traditional sports being put on hold, meaning that the only sports that people could watch, as well as place bets on, were esports. This brought in a large increase of new viewers to esports, and also caused the awareness of esports to increase in the general public.

Image Source: DOTA2.COM


But where can a person find all the upcoming console esports tournaments and matches? The issue in esports, is that there is no central place to find the schedule of upcoming tournaments and when matches will be taking place. Here are the options people have:

Team websites
You can visit the esports team you follow and like and find their match schedule there.
No all teams will have a website and even those that do, might not have their match schedules on it. More so, maybe you don’t actually follow a team yet.
Image Source: EA.COM
Tournament hosts
All esports tournaments are hosted by a specific company. For the top tier esports tournaments this is ESL. If you want to only watch ESL matches, then you can go to their site and see a schedule. But for the lower tier esports tournaments, there are multiple tournament hosts, which makes esports tournament discovery very challenging.
Steaming sites
Another option is to use esports streaming sites like Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube. The issue here is that these sites typically only show live matches, and you can’t see when the next games are going to be taking place.There are quite a number of game dedicated websites, all about certain games. These can be dedicated to CS:GO, Dota 2, LOL, etc., and will then list the upcoming tournaments for their respective game type. However once again, these are mainly tier 1 leagues.

Image Source: Facebook.com/leagueoflegends

This is why the Livescore.GG site was developed. It’s goal is to list the schedule of all upcoming and live esports tournaments, so that users can easily find the games they want to follow as well as discover new tournaments and teams. There are as many as 100 esports matches per day, and so finding your way through this mass can get confusing. It makes sense to focus only on the actual sport or teams you want to follow and build from there.

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