Tribe Gaming vs Infinex Gaming: The Unexpected Days of War Finals

The Call of Duty – Days of War Tournament organised by MOBILE E-SPORTS® has come to an end but the ending was unexpected to many. Let’s rewind a few days back to give you some context. Tribe Gaming and Infinex Gaming both advanced to the Finals and before their match took place, we ran a poll on our social media to see which team does the community believe will win.

Tribe Gaming Profile – MOBILE E-SPORTS Bot System

On YouTube, 71% of people voted for Tribe Gaming, 17% voted for Infinex Gaming, and 11% remained undecided. On Twitter, 40% voted for Tribe Gaming, 20% supported Infinex Gaming, while the remainder of votes remained undecided. Finally, on Facebook, 81% of the votes were in favor of Infinex Gaming while 19% gave it to Tribe Gaming. However, if we calculate the votes on social media in terms of the amount of people that participated, approximately 80% supported Tribe Gaming over Infinex Gaming. We can see that the majority of votes were in favor of Tribe Gaming and the expectations of the majority were that Infinex Gaming will be losing the Finals.

Infinex Gaming Profile – MOBILE E-SPORTS Bot System

The overall stats of both teams that’s based on their previous matches places Tribe Gaming at 3.39 Matches Ratio while Infinex Gaming at 3.33 Matches Ratio. Moreover, Infinex Gaming stood at 1.71 in Rounds Ratio while Tribe Gaming came in with 1.68 Rounds Ratio. Interestingly, both teams came in with an equal score of 1.37 in KD Ratio.

Both teams were not to be underestimated because both have made it to the Finals and they wouldn’t have managed to be in that position had they lacked the talent and the skills for it.

Infinex vs Tribe: Stats – MOBILE E-SPORTS Bot System

The day of the Finals came and both teams were prepared to play against each other in a BO5 Format. Match 1 took place on Raid Map, a map that is favored by Tribe and they managed to pull a close victory over Infinex Gaming with a score of 6-5. Match 2 took place on Firing Range, a map favored by Infinex Gaming and surprisingly, they beat Tribe Gaming with a whopping score of 6-1. Match 3 was also on Firing Range and again Infinex Gaming defeated Tribe Gaming with a score of 6-3. Finally, Match 4 was on Raid Map, the map favored by Tribe Gaming but to everyone’s surprise, they were defeated again by Infinex Gaming with a score of 6-1.

Finally, the Finals were definitely unexpected. Most came in to watch it, expecting Tribe Gaming to easily win the Finals. However, they were surprised to see Infinex Gaming win the Days of War Tournament with a 3-1 score. Both teams showed talent and resilience and both teams deserve credit for their achievements. Perhaps on a different day, Tribe Gaming would have won. However, on the day of the Finals the victorious team was Infinex Gaming who will be receiving a cash prize and sponsored products. If you wish to watch the Finals of this Call of Duty Tournament then you can do so below.

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