Call of Duty Mobile: Days of War Tournament Announced

A new Call of Duty: Mobile tournament has just been announced by MOBILE E-SPORTS®. This new competition is called Days of War and is sponsored by GFUEL. This game has become a standard for first person shooter tournaments and fans of this series are excited to see more tournaments make their way to this mobile game.

The tournament will consist of 16 teams that will compete in Search and Destroy Mode. The first rounds will be based on a Best of 1 format, the Semi-Finals will be Best of 3, and the Finals will feature a Best of 5 format. All of the action will be live-streamed at the official MOBILE E-SPORTS Youtube Channel.

The cash prize that the participating teams will be fighting for is $300. Not only is it exciting to win this cash by playing from the comfort of your home but also becoming the champions of this tournament is just as valuable.

In order to register for the Call of Duty: Mobile – Days of War Tournament, read the instructions at the official website by clicking here. Also, make sure to join the official Discord Chat for any questions you might have about the tournament and to stay in touch with the organisers. We wish you all the best of luck.

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