Vainglory All Stars: The Founders of Vainglory Are Up To Something

To all the Vainglory fans that assumed that the original founders have given up on mobile gaming, think again! The founders have started up a new studio called Bazooka Tango. This mobile gaming studio has already raised $2.5 million. The team at the new studio consist of the best, with developers having experience at Riot Games, Rockstar, EA, and NCSoft.

Of course, the prominent members behind Bazooka Tango are Bo Daly, the founding CEO of Super Evil Megacorp, along with Stephan Sherman, the Co-Founder of Super Evil Megacorp. They both wanted to bring something fresh to the mobile gaming scene. Bo Daly adds that ”…With this new venture, we really want us to kind of embrace just how dynamic the market is right now and how uncertain it is as to how triple-A transitions to mobile. We see a chance to define mobile-first triple-A, rather than just take the PC formula and apply it to mobile.”

Image Source: Vainglory All Stars Promo Video

The first game planned to be released by the new studio is a game called Vainglory All Stars, a 3 vs 3 multiplayer mobile game based on the E.V.I.L. game engine created by Super Evil Megacorp. Furthermore, the team at Bazooka Tango are aiming to release more player-focused games by using behavioural data when making decisions. According to VentureBeat, Bo Daly describes the difference between Super Evil Megacorp and Bazooka Tango as the first focusing on leading-edge technology while the latter focusing on approachable games targeting a broad audience.

Finally, Vainglory All Stars will be a fun and interesting game that will be coming to iOS and Android this year. The game will definitely be popular since it expands the Vainglory universe and there are millions who are still playing Vainglory. You can learn more about the game by watching the video below.

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