Project A: Will Riot Games Release It For Mobile Devices?

Riot Games is best know for their League of Legends title which has remained popular for over a decade. In celebration of their 10 year anniversary, they revealed several mobile games, including an original first person shooter dubbed as Project A.

Image Source: Project A

Project A is described as a precise tactical shooter with a lethal cast of characters that takes place in a near-future Earth. The characters come with unique abilities which allows you to strategically utilize them. This game is designed to be competitive and will be marketed as an eSports title. This information comes from a recent trademark that was filed by Riot Games which also reveals the game’s name as Valorant.

According to Newsweek, The title Valorant may be related to Valoran, the northern continent of Runeterra in League of Legends. The theory is that the game Project A or Valorant will have some of the lore of League of Legends but will take place in a future time where technology has advanced dramatically. Of course, this is all based on speculation.

Image Source: Project A

Riot Games has recently invited several prominent CS:GO players to test Project A. According to Forbes, Henry ”HenryG” Greer (a CS:GO commentator) who got the chance to test the game described it briefly on his Twitter feed. He recounts that it was a round-based experience where two teams, each consisting of five players, compete against one another. The mode the players had access to was attacking or defending an A&B bomb site. On the surface, he mentions that the game looks like a CS:GO experience but with class / hero based elements like Overwatch or Apex Legends.

We have seen Riot Games announce a mobile version of League of Legends and other exciting titles. The question is, will we see Project A announced for mobile anytime soon? It is very likely considering how profitable the mobile platform has become. We are already seeing top titles in the industry make their way to mobile, so we are hoping to see this one announced for mobile when the time is right. You can watch the video announcement of Project A below.

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