Knockdown Heroes: Is This The Next Clash Royale?

From the studio that has inherited Vainglory comes a new competitive and entertaining title. Rogue Games has published Knockdown Heroes and it is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store for free. The developers of the game are Craneballs Studio, the team best known for their Overkill franchise.

Image Source: Rogue Games

Knockdown Heroes is a real-time PvP experience that takes place in a medieval arena, combining the thrill of the multiplayer experience with the enthusiasm of hero card-based collections.

The game feels somewhat like Clash Royale since it was designed as a top-down experience with a similar theme. This is not a bad thing because Clash Royale was highly popular and still is. In Knockdown Heroes, players get to choose from nine quirky medieval heroes. Each character is unique and comes with special abilities.

You can play against your friends or face strangers online to rise on the leaderboard. Even better, you can create a clan and lead your clan to victory. During the game, you are able to send emotes to your opponent which is another feature that reminds us of Clash Royale.

Image Source: Rogue Games

The inspiration behind this game is quite interesting. The Co-Founder of Craneballs, Jan Cefelin, said that ”The inspiration for the game came while telling the team about a conversation with my young son about ancient gladiators. Things quickly strayed from historical fact to creating fictional gladiator personas.”

We do see great potential for this game to turn into a mobile esports experience. It is a very mobile friendly title and already has a lot of features that make it competitive.

You can compete against players, create clans, and master each character as you see fit. Feel free to check this game and you can be part of its growing and competitive community while this game is still during its early stages. You can watch the trailer for Knockdown Heroes below.

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