PUBG Mobile: ESL Announces A New Competition

If you thought the year 2020 didn’t provide enough tournaments for PUBG Mobile then think again! After being in the works for months, ESL has partnered with PUBG Mobile to introduce the ESL Mobile Open. This is a multi phase competition which consists of 3 stages.

Image Source: Twitter @ESLPUBGMobile

First of all, Registration has already started and you are able to sign up starting today. As for the competition, Phase 1 (Qualifiers) begins February 27th – March 8th. Phase 2 (Playoffs) begins March 12th, 14th, and 15th. Finally, Phase 3 (Broadcast Finals) begins on March 31st.

Finally, this competition will provide a prize pool of at least $38,000. This is quite a considerable amount of money, so be sure to get your squad to join this tournament. If you are interested to sign up, you can do so by clicking here. By visiting the website, you will also find more information about the competition. We wish your team the best of luck.

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