Shadowgun War Games: A Console-Quality First Person Shooter

Shadowgun War Games was first announced in 2018 by MadFinger Games, the company behind the Shadowgun franchise, Dead Trigger, and Unkilled. This company is known for their high quality graphics and the mind-blowing environments found in their games. When we first heard of Shadowgun War Games, we believed that the title spoke for itself, that it would follow the path of mobile esports with its competitive gameplay.

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The game was just launched today and is now available for free on iOS and Android devices. When you launch the game, you will be met with a quick tutorial that will introduce you to the mechanics of Shadowgun War Games.

After the tutorial is complete, you will be able to join online matches in Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag (unlocks at Rank 5). There will be more modes unlocked in the near future. As of now, other than these two available modes, there are two locked modes that will be available soon.

There are unique heroes in the game, each with their own style of combat. You get to customize your hero with interesting skins and fun emotes. When you experience the game, you will immediately notice how smooth the gameplay is and how beautiful the world of Shadowgun has been designed to be. In our experience matchmaking has been extremely quick and the matches were quite competitive.

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Unfortunately, the ability to create custom matches, which is an important feature for esports titles, was not available.

However, this doesn’t mean that MadFinger Games won’t be adding custom matches in the near future considering that the game has been recently launched and they have promised of more updates and additions to come.

Finally, this team-based multiplayer title has lived up to its expectations in terms of quality, experience, and entertainment. What we hope to see next are esports features added into the game and esports tournaments announced in the near future. Be sure to watch the launch trailer for Shadowgun War Games below.


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