Brawl Stars: The 2020 $1 Million Championship

Have you been playing Brawl Stars lately? If you haven’t then you better start sharpening your skills because the 2020 Championship will begin on January 11th. This competition is global and is available for every player that is over 16 years old. It starts with monthly in-game challenges leading to regional online qualifiers. Following that, there will be monthly in-person finals which will decide the players that will be going to the World Finals this Fall.

Image Source: Brawl Stars Trailer

What does the prize pool consist of? Supercell confirmed that there will be over $1 Million in prizes. Supercell itself will provide $1 Million while allowing the community to add up to $500,000 to the prize pool by purchasing in-game Championship offers. The details about how the prize pool will be divided, registration, and rules will be coming out this month.

Image Source: Brawl Stars Trailer

The first Championship Challenge will launch in-game on January 11th at 9 AM CET / 12 AM PST / 5 PM KST. You can find it on the top when you enter the game’s modes menu. The online qualifiers begin on January 18th for players who participated in the Championship Challenge while the first Monthly Final is scheduled to start on March 7th – 8th in Katowice Poland.

Finally, this is quite an exciting tournament with a massive prize pool so you should definitely participate in it. Stay tuned with our website for the latest details on this tournament. You can watch the promo video for this tournament below.

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