Call of Duty: Mobile – The Gladiators Tournament

This week was quite the interesting one. Only several days after the global launch of Call of Duty: Mobile, MOBILE E-SPORTS® announced a new tournament for the classic shooter named the Gladiators Tournament. While it can be somewhat tricky to announce a tournament for a new and complex game like Call of Duty: Mobile, MOBILE E-SPORTS® is yet again pioneering the road for this highly anticipated title.

Image Source: Call of Duty – Google Play

The tournament will host 8 selected teams that will compete against one another in a bracket system. Matches will consist of 5 players per team to play in Search & Destroy. This mode is the most recognisable for mobile gamers since it resembles Defuse The Bomb mode from other shooter games on mobile. Certain maps are allowed for this tournament: Crash, Crossfire, Firing Range, Raid, and Standoff.

In Round 1 & the Semi-Finals, teams will compete in a Best of 3 Format, while the Finals will be based on Best of 5. Prizes in the tournament include cash and sponsored products. Most importantly, teams will want to participate in this one for the experience since more tournaments like this one will be announced. The Gladiators Tournament will be a great opportunity to learn from in order to improve upon future tournaments in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Image Source: Call of Duty – Google Play

Finally, if you have a team and wish to sign up for this tournament, registration is still open and you can learn more about this process by clicking here.

The tournament is expected to start on October 11th and during that time, teams will be informed about the timing for the upcoming matches. You can watch the trailer for this tournament below.

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