Brawl Stars: A $250,000 World Championship

The time has come for a major Brawl Stars World Championship and Supercell is putting a $250,000 prize pool on the line. If you think you are good enough to participate then this article is definitely for you. The Finals will take place in South Korea but to get there, here’s what you need to do.

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First of all, you need to have two other players on your team (both living in your region) to be part of Stage 1, the Open Qualifiers, which will take place online. All 3 players must be 16 years old or more as of August 12, 2019. All players accounts must be in good standing and not with a history of TOS breach. Also, you need to have a passport and the ability to travel to South Korea in November.

If you meet all the requirements mentioned above then you are eligible to sign up. Click on your region to be redirected to the registration page: North America (Including Mexico), LATAM Brazil, LATAM Hispanic, Europe (Including Middle East & Africa), South Korea, and Japan.

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The Stage 1 process will occur in August and September and match-making will be regional. Stage 2 consists of the Regional Finals which will also be online.

The top teams from each region will face each other and the winning team qualifies for the World Cup. In the case of the LATAM region, winners from LATAM Brazil and LATAM Hispanic qualifiers will meet in the LATAM Regional Final to face each other so that one LATAM team qualifies for the World Cup.

Finally, Stage 3 will be the World Finals in South Korea. The 8 top teams from each region will be invited to participate in person during the month of November. Keep in mind that some regional finals may take place in a live event. More information about this will be provided by Supercell. If you would like to learn more about Brawl Stars and how to master the game, then click here to read our article about it.

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