Fortnite: Season X Explained

After the last showdown that Epic Games presented, we knew that the new Fortnite Season X will be quite an impressive season to look forward to. The new update is now available on all platforms so if you haven’t updated, you can do so after reading all about it. Season X is also nicknamed ‘Out of Time’ and it is possibly the largest update in size for this game yet.

Image Source: Fortnite Season X Trailer

First of all, the game now features the B.R.U.T.E. Mech Suit which is a two person vehicle that can cause a lot of damage to opponents. One player gets to control the movement and the other player manages combat.

If you want to operate it on your own, you still can but it will be more difficult since you will have to switch between control and firepower. The next big thing about the update are the Rift Zones which have brought back locations that were thought to be lost. You will recognize old locations but experience them in a new way.

This update is very mobile friendly since it addressed several issues. Apart from performance improvements, they modified the auto fire system for all weapons. User interface has been revamped and fixed with several buttons increased in size and properly positioned. If you are an Android player with sensor pressure settings, you will now be alerted in order to avoid leaving the game by mistake.

Image Source: Fortnite Season X Trailer

With this new season there is a new Season X Battle Pass which offers over 100 exclusive rewards for 950 V-Bucks. The main attraction of this Battle Pass are the new X-Lord and Catalyst Outfits. They simply look epic.

Moreover, there are new missions with this Battle Pass that will take you on an adventure throughout the map. This season also introduces new ways to play in Creative. Some players’ creations were featured recently and if you have impressive creations then they might be featured as LTMs in this season too. Don’t forget to watch the story trailer for this update below.

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