Brawl Stars: How To Master The Game

Brawl Stars is one of those games that will get you addicted. Like Clash Royale, the fun just never ends and you want more of the strategic and skilled battles. Before diving too deep into its strategy, let us establish important rules that will help you win. Keep in mind that this article will focus on the Solo Showdown Mode.

The first thing you need to do is try every character in the game since it allows you to do so whether you own the character or not. This is important because you will learn more about the strength of each character and the range each character has. Knowing the characters allows you to know your enemies better and how to counter them.

Image Source: Brawl Stars

For example, if you are facing Frank then you can bully him if you had a long range character but if you noticed that he has the ability ring surrounding him then you know that you are in danger if he used his Super. His ability is to paralyze his enemies and once you are paralyzed, you are likely to be eliminated. On the other hand, if you were battling Bo then his ability shouldn’t be too threatening as he only places three explosive mines that explode upon contact. If you are careful then he won’t pose much danger beyond his standard attacks.  Of course you shouldn’t underestimate Bo or any other character, under the right hands they can be quite fatal.

Image Source: Brawl Stars

As you can see, knowing the characters means knowing your opponents. It allows you to understand when to engage and when to avoid a fight. Now, having understood the characters, you need to understand the maps. Since there are different types of maps, they are not suited for all characters. Some require long range characters and others close range characters.

If you were playing Showdown in Rockwall Brawl then ideal characters would be Dynamike or Barley since they can attack from behind walls and your opponents need direct contact to attack you. This gives you an advantage when you are on this map and you choose these characters. In maps where the terrain is filled with bushes, you can play with characters like El Primo or Bibi. The important rule is not to use a character for all maps but to learn to adapt and play with different characters depending on the location.

For example, you don’t want to take El Primo into an open area and attempt to attack long range characters. You will be eliminated before you know it. El Primo is quite a powerful character and he should be used as he is meant to be used. By hiding in bushes to jump the enemy or bullying an enemy into a corner while walls are protecting you. The real strength of El Primo is his Super because once you acquire it then your opponents will know that you are no longer a close range brawler and they will avoid you.

Image Source: Brawl Stars

You should never underestimate the power of fear and here is how you can apply it onto your gameplay. When you acquire your Super, don’t immediately use it on the closest opponent. The fact is that when you have your Super, all your opponents will know since you have the ability ring surrounding you. What we advise you to do is to scare enemies by cautiously coming closer to them, pretending you are going to use your Super on them and they are likely to run toward the opposite direction to avoid your Super attack. The best way to use it is to have your opponents run away towards another opponent and let them fight each other and eliminate each other. This way you have one less opponent on the map and you still have your Super in case you need it.

Finally, these are some of the important rules that you need to keep in mind when playing Brawl Stars. The game is extremely complex and each character needs a special guide to understand them better. We will focus on more characters in the near future to help you get to know the strengths, weaknesses and strategy behind each character. All characters are equally capable but it all comes down to how you use them and where. There are characters that are extremely underestimated such as Mortis. Many struggle with this character and the good news is, he is quite a powerhouse if used properly. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on Brawl Stars.

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