The Fortnite S9 Event: An Epic Robot vs Monster Showdown

Epic Games has been teasing gamers about the Season 9 Live Event for a while but no one expected such an epic showdown to be on such a cataclysmic level. Before the event dubbed as The Final Showdown began, players were given access to jetpacks with unlimited fuel to watch the action that took place from the sky. What we all came to witness was an amazing epic battle between a mecha robot and a monster.

Image Source: Fanbyte’s Video of Fortnite Event

So how did it all unfold? Once the countdown ended, the anticipated monster rose from the sea and what a view it was! As the monster started walking towards the island, we noticed that the Polar Peak castle was on its back. Meanwhile, at Pressure Plant, the mecha robot woke up and began following its island defense protocol. It began shooting rockets at the monster as the mecha robot started causing a great amount of damage to the invading monster.

Image Source: Fanbyte’s Video of Fortnite Event

The monster fought back and injured the mecha robot, sending it to fall flat on its face. When all hope was almost lost, the mecha robot stood back on its feet and ran towards the monster, pushing him into the air. The fight was something out of a movie. Truly well choreographed and designed. Eventually, the mecha robot ends the monster’s life with a sword stab into the eye. Quite the ending for an epic battle.

Image Source: Fanbyte’s Video of Fortnite Event

The monster’s skeleton now lays in the map alongside the damage that the battle of the two giants caused. These map changes are most likely coming in Season 10 which should be launching on August 1st. How Epic Games decided to end Season 9 is out of this world and promises so much exciting things in upcoming seasons. If you missed out on the full event, you can watch it below which was recorded by Fanbyte.

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