PUBG: Official Game’s Lore Revealed

PUBG has been undergoing major updates and changes recently. To name a few, the mobile game has been updated with a new season system and a new PP-19 weapon. Also, the new theme for Season 8 Pass is Summer Carnival. On the other hand, the console version of PUBG has just received an official cinematic trailer that reveals part of the lore behind the game. PUBG Corp, developer of the battle royale title, is introducing a story into the PUBG game rather than focusing on mindless shooting only.

Image Source: PUBG Official Trailer

When we watched the official trailer, it came across as extremely gloomy. The story starts with a child living on the Island of Erangel who survived a bloody battle that killed so many and destroyed so much. The death and horror that the child experienced has transformed him into a heartless man that arranges battle royale tournaments on the same island he grew up on. At least that is what this trailer reveals.

Even though this trailer was aimed at the console version of PUBG, we wanted to share it with our mobile gaming audience so they, too, can get some context when playing PUBG Mobile. Knowing the story behind the game builds more meaning behind the experience. What is even more exciting is that Glen Schofield was hired by PUBG Corp to work on an original narrative for the PUBG universe. Glen’s work is well known in the world of Call of Duty and Dead Space, so you can expect a marvellous story for the world of PUBG. Finally, you can watch the first cinematic PUBG trailer below.

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