Call of Duty: Mobile – Canada Gets Access To The Beta Version

We can all agree that Call of Duty: Mobile has been rolling out very slowly and an official launch date hasn’t been announced yet. Maybe it is for the best because while we all want the game to be released as soon as possible, we also want it to be stable and without bugs. Today, a new region has gained access to the beta testing and it’s none other than Canada. As of now, it is available to Android and iOS users.

Image Source: Call of Duty – Google Play

It also appears that Australian users can now test the beta version again. Moreover, the game’s description informs us that ”additional territories” will have access to the beta version in the future. This can mean that a worldwide release is not going to be anytime soon but we do know it will be this year. We can expect the beta version to become available to other selected regions in the world before we get a global release.

Call of Duty: Mobile introduces content from its Modern Warfare and Black Ops series. So you can play on maps such as Crash, Crossfire, Firing Range, Hijacked, Killhouse, Nuketown, and Standoff. The modes available are the generic modes such as Free-For-All (8 Players) and Team Deathmatch (10 Players while spicing it up with more challenging modes like Domination (10 Players), Hardpoint (10 Players), and Frontline (10 Players) modes. Any of these modes is available in Ranked or Private.

Image Source: Call of Duty – Google Play

Not only is there a Multiplayer and Zombies mode but also a Battle Royale! While you cannot currently access the Zombies mode, it is featured in the game and will be available in the near future. This gives you an idea of how huge the game is going to be, in terms of experience and size. Finally, we plan to update you on everything regarding this upcoming action game on this website. You can learn more about it by watching the video below.

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