Gankstars vs D2R: The Anticipated Finals In Forward Assault

The latest of the Forward Assault tournaments has been the Art of Warfare, one which has attracted countless top teams to compete. This Sunday at 10:10 AM Pacific Time, MOBILE E-SPORTS® will live-stream the Finals at This will be quite an epic ending for this tournament since two giant teams will battle in a best of 5 format.

Gankstars and D2R Mystic will be facing each other on the following maps: Arid, Frosty, and Streets. The Finals will be quite unpredictable due to both teams being extremely skilled and well organised. It can really end up with either of them winning. However, both need to practice on the latter two maps since most of the teams are used to played on Arid only.

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This tournament has been unique because the developers (Blayze Games) & the tournament organiser (MOBILE E-SPORTS®) have released a weapon skin for sale with all profits made will be going to the winning team. The skin is called Art of Warfare and is the first official tournament skin introduced into the game. As of this article, the skin has accumulated over $1400 (before Apple’s cut).

Finally, this will be a captivating event and if you are interested to read more about the teams facing each other, click here. Last week, the tournament’s Semi Finals took place and you can watch it below if you missed out on it.


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