Forward Assault: The Championship Announced

Since the Art of Warfare Tournament was announced, Forward Assault teams have been busy competing for the top spots on the leaderboard. With its conclusion, 8 teams were announced to participate in phase II of the tournament, the Championship. While the top teams like D2R Mystic and Gankstars are among the teams selected, Euphoria was not. After looking into it, it appears that Euphoria has decided to merge with D2R Mystic and therefore won’t continue its participation under the name Euphoria anymore.

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While D2R Mystic was already a powerful force to be reckoned with, its power has increased following its merge with Euphoria. However, let’s not forget that Gankstars consists of players from two powerful teams as well, Prime & USSR. It will be interesting to see how D2R Mystic performs against Gankstars now, considering it lost to Gankstars during the live-stream match with a score of 9 – 13. It is important to remember that there are six other teams as well that may beat the powerful aforementioned teams. The matches will be live-streamed at so be sure to tune in at the times announced.

Finally, the winning team will be rewarded in-game currency and a large cash prize which is increasing by the day. The tournament’s official weapon skin is available for sale in the Forward Assault Shop and profit made will be gifted to the winning team. As of this article, the skin has made an estimate of $1200. We are interested to see which team will manage to win this tournament; there are powerful old teams and rising new teams that are battling fiercely to earn the championship title and the prizes. Which team will end up winning?

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