PUBG Mobile: Here’s What The Godzilla Update Brings

A lot has been going on with PUBG Mobile recently. Not only has it become the world’s highest grossing mobile game with over $146 million in revenue last month but it has introduced a whole new update with version 0.13.0. This update introduces a new PvP Team Deathmatch mode, a much stricter anti-cheating system, a new Godzilla theme, and new features.

The new TDM mode brings 8 players into 4v4 matches with endless respawning allowed. The new mode is found under the EvoGround section, featuring first and third person perspectives. The mode’s selected map is Warehouse which brings a complex terrain and strategic hiding places. A team can become victorious by achieving the first 40 kills.

Image Source: PUBG Mobile

Whether you prefer to play in first or third person, the controls can now be saved for both modes separately. A new climbing button has been added which you can activate from settings. Alongside these new features there is now a new Godzilla theme in the game’s lobby. The developers have also added two new suits featuring Godzilla and Ghidorah.

Luckily, previous modes have also been improved and updated. For example, in Vikendi, foot or vehicle trails will remain on the snow to add more realism to the experience. As for the zombie modes, Survive Till Dawn & Darkest Night, four new zombies with new abilities have been added. In addition, zombies that are near tanks will experience power increase while those nearby skinners will slow you down. Moreover, you will now notice that the police station has been replaced for a new factory in the zombie modes.

Finally, this update is quite massive with new modes, new characters, a new theme, and a lot of improvements. For those that play Arcade mode events, keep in mind that timings for Sniper Training and War have been limited to Mondays and Wednesdays while Mini-Zone and Quick Match are featured on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can watch the new update’s promo trailer below.

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