Game For Peace: What We Know About PUBG’s New Replacement

Tencent was forced to shut down PUBG Mobile in China recently because the government regulators failed to grant the company the ability to monetize the game to Chinese players. The publisher came up with an alternative solution, a new PUBG clone that is almost similar to the original experience but lacking the gory experience in order to appease the regulators.

According to Reuters, Weibo users claimed that some of their PUBG history was saved on the new title, such as their experience level. This shows just how similar Game For Peace is to PUBG Mobile. To ensure the ability to monetize, Tencent gave their new game a peaceful title and made sure it paid tribute to the People’s Liberation Army Air Force. In addition, Game For Peace is now available to players that are 16 or above only. To prevent gaming addiction, Tencent developed its new game with a safeguard for those aged between 16 & 18 that will prevent them from playing more than 2 hours per day.

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There are some differences in gameplay such as when enemies are shot, they don’t die but place their loot on the ground and wave goodbye before disappearing. While some players mocked Game For Peace for its unrealistic gameplay & lack of blood, the game has been received positively in China.

Now that the new battle royale game is monetized in China, it has earned a whopping $14 million within its first 72 hours since launch. This means it made $4.7 million per day, almost double the amount that PUBG Mobile earned outside China over the same period. If anything, this was a brilliant move by Tencent because they managed to bring the PUBG Mobile experience under the guise of a government friendly game that presents a satirical world rather than a competitive one.

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