PUBG Mobile: The Darkest Night Zombie Mode

The latest zombie update that arrived to PUBG Mobile was quite fascinating. With the ‘Survive Till Dawn’ Mode, players had their skills tested to the limit by facing online players while being hunted by savage zombies. It was a fun challenge to experience alongside your friends as well. This mode is inspired by Resident Evil 2, a classic survival horror game that was developed by Capcom.

Image Source: PUBG Mobile

With the upcoming update (version 0.12.0) that’s coming to PUBG Mobile, you can expect changes to the current ‘Survive Till Dawn’ Mode where you will notice new weaponry, new zombies, and certain zombies will have the ability to climb walls and roofs. This will certainly make it harder to survive against them.

What makes the upcoming update interesting is the new zombie mode called ‘Darkest Night’ which challenges you to survive one night until dawn while combating zombies. There is not much details surrounding this mode but it does promise to challenge your survival skills. We can expect the update to be released this month and we will keep you updated once it gets released. Stay tuned with our website for the latest news on PUBG Mobile.

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