Fortnite Mobile: Season 8 Arrives

Season 8 has arrived to Fortnite and it comes with a new adventure and a thrilling experience. The theme of this update revolves around volcanos and pirates. With this new season, a new battle pass is available that includes 100 levels and over 100 new rewards that can be purchased for 950 V-Bucks. Furthermore, there are two new locations available now, Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps. Both are located in the northwest region of the island, surrounding an erupted volcano where once Wailing Woods stood.

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Players are not your only worries now, there’s also lava to be concerned about. In addition, you will find volcanic vents that can push you higher to the air. And if you were worried that the snow has melted, then you will be happy to know that the snowy region on the map still exists, for now.

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Interestingly, there is a new pirate cannon weapon that can damage enemy structures or even allows you to launch yourself. While new items have been added, others have been removed. For example, the planes, sneaky snowman and shopping carts are no longer available in the game. Some things need to be removed to make place for newer things. There are really cool skins and gliders added, new music with an adventurous theme, and game fixes as well.

Finally, for mobile players specifically, Epic Games has added more visual feedback to the iOS & Android version when buttons are pressed. Also, HUD visibility for freefalling and gliding has been improved while players are now able to toggle between crouching and standing, during building and editing modes. Click here to read the full update changes for Season 8. You can watch the cinematic trailer for Season 8 below.

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