PUBG Mobile: Combat Zombies In The New Resident Evil Mode

PUBG Mobile has been garnering a lot of attention lately as the game is experiencing a significant growth. For this reason, the developers have decided to make the experience even more interesting by partnering up with Capcom to introduce a Resident Evil 2 mode to the game. While this is not the first time a battle royale game adds zombies, we have seen them in Rules of Survival. However, PUBG Mobile has mastered the zombie experience by bringing the feared and classic hordes from a game much loved.

Image Source: PUBG Mobile

With update 0.11.0, a new mode called Survive Till Dawn has been added for a limited time. You can fight to survive on Erangel Map but you will have much more concerns than online players. There will also be Resident Evil 2 zombies and bosses spawning to kill you. Killing them gets you resources and items. You will discover Resident Evil 2 themed main menu, music, and outfits. Quite the atmosphere to get into this new scary experience. Make sure you activate the zombie mode by going to Event Mode and tapping on it.

This update also bring a new Moonlight experience to Vikendi Map which is quite spectacular. Player Spaces have been added also where a player’s information and Connections are viewed. Furthermore, Anniversary Treasure events are now available to celebrate the game’s anniversary. This includes avatars, emotes, and frames. Finally, there have been several improvements to the game such as fixed terrain display bugs and Vikendi houses re-designed.

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