Esports: Officially Recognized By China As A Profession

Great news comes from China regarding the eSports world. The Esports Observer reports that on January 25th, China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (CMHRSS) has identified two official professions related to eSports: eSports Professional and eSports Operator.

The two professions are described as follows: The eSports Operator refers to those who work on organizing eSports tournaments and the resulting content. The eSports Professional refers to those who compete in eSports professional tournaments, perform in an eSports event, or those who train with pro players.

Image Source: Arena of Valor

Furthermore, the CMHRSS adds that one of the main roles of the eSports professional is a Chinese term that means ”Account Boosting.” That is when one player boosts another player’s rank in return for monetary compensation.

The term can also refer to a pro player playing on another player’s account during a professional tournament. This action is forbidden by all tournament organizers and game developers. While it’s confusing why the Ministry included this role as part of an eSports Professional’s job description, there is no doubt that this action will be penalized if implemented in a professional tournament.

Finally, this is a great victory for the eSports world considering that a government like China has recognized professions in this industry. While governments need to have a better understanding on what is permissible and forbidden, we are excited about this news and hope that more countries officially recognize eSports professionals and identify more professions in the near future.

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