Vainglory: A New Hero Arrives With Update 4.0

We have become accustomed to hearing news about PC games porting to mobile devices. Today, the opposite is the case. Super Evil Megacorp has introduced the popular MOBA to PC players via Steam. This means that the game is now a cross-platform experience where mobile players can play with PC players. This is an unusual move by the developers, especially that it was marketed as ”The MOBA Perfected For Touch.”

Image Source: Vainglory YouTube Channel

As for the latest update, it adds a new hero called San Feng. He is a master Grangor who turns his enemy’s power against them. With a fascinating ability to absorb damage, he can also destroy his enemies with fatal counter attacks. Moreover, new skins have also arrived to the game such as the Legendary Athena Varya, Legendary Dragon Master Catherine, Special Edition Ares Varya, and Epic Feathered Anka.

New features have been added as well. The game now has an improved Match Accept Screen and enhanced Friends List. The Queues for the 5v5 experience have been restructured as of this update.

Finally, since the game is now available on a whole new platform, we wonder if this will have a dramatical impact when it comes to company resources or development speed. Super Evil Megacorp has proven to be very efficient in its work and we hope that mobile players will receive the game’s updates as often as usual. You can watch the Hero Spotlight video about San Feng below.

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