Fortnite Mobile: Revenue Reaches $500 Million On iOS

There were many that doubted the mobile industry when it came to competitive gaming. Skeptics will have to reconsider this growing industry following the success of many titles. According to Sensor Tower, a market intelligence company, Fortnite has earned $500 million dollars on iOS alone in less than a year.

Image Source: Fortnite

The game first launched on March 15th in 2018, bringing an unprecedented amount of console players to the mobile platform. Since then, the game has been bringing $1.53 million per day, according to Sensor Tower. Interestingly, 64% of the revenue comes from U.S. players.

Sensor Tower adds that 30% of Fortnite’s iOS revenue has been claimed by Apple due to its App Store policy. This would mean that Apple has made $150 million last year from Fortnite alone. When it comes to Android, it is estimated that Epic Games has earned $100 million since the game has launched. The company managed to retain all the revenue made from the Android platform by bypassing Google Play.

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Alternatively, popular games like PUBG Mobile made approximately $47 million on iOS in its first 173 days after in-app purchases have become available. 65% of the revenue can be accounted for by U.S. players. Finally, these whopping numbers show that the mobile industry and mobile esports in particular has a bright future ahead. Both, investors and companies have a profitable platform awaiting their investments.

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