Guns of Boom: Season 2 Begins

Season 2 of the Guns of Boom Tournament has already begun on the 19th of January and things are looking much different than the first season. This time the prize pool has increased from $200,000 to a whopping $500,000. This is a massive addition and can only mean that Mobile eSports is a successful path for mobile games.

Image Source: Google Play Featured

In this new season, Guns of Boom welcomes new regions to their competition such as Latin America and Southeast Asia. Teams that are interested to sign up for the Challenger Series of this game, you can do so by clicking here. Game Insight, the company behind the game, is now supporting a new and special league called ”Gods of Boom” which will take place in actual stadiums. So far we know that the first will take place at the IEM Expo.

Image Source: Google Play Featured

For those that don’t know about Guns of Boom, it is a first person shooter that garnered tens of millions of downloads within the first six months since it launched. Just recently, the developers have added an Augmented Reality Spectator Mode which is quite unique and exciting. Now that it has become an eSports title for mobile gamers, players and teams have invested their time into the game to pursue a career in the Mobile eSports industry.

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