Brawl Stars: Globally Launched

With over a year being held and worked on, Brawl Stars has finally launched worldwide on iOS and Android. If you had enough of Clash Royale and looking for a replacement, now is the time to hop on the Brawl Stars train because the game is both, competitive and fun.

Due to the fact that over 5 million players are already passionately playing it and with a current ranking of #2 in the Action category on the App Store, the game shows great promise and assured success in the eSports world. Following its simple tutorial at the start, you will be able to choose between solo or team-based matches.

The game modes available are quite interesting. The Gem Grab mode places two teams of 3 against each other and the first team to hold 10 gems wins. The Showdown mode allows players to play in solo or duo where you have to survive a battle royale styled match. The Bounty mode is a squad mode where you have to eliminate your opponents. Furthermore, there are other interesting modes such as the Heist or Brawl Ball where the first is a team-based mode that focuses on stealing the enemies treasure and the latter mode is a football styled experience.

There are 21 Brawlers available that come in six rarity types. You can upgrade your brawler and master each one based on their unique features. Each match usually lasts between 2 to 3 minutes which makes it mobile friendly. We highly recommend to try out this fast-paced mobile game while its at its peak. You can watch the promo trailer for Brawl Stars below.

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