PUBG Mobile: Vikendi – An Upcoming Snow Map

Tencent has introduced Patch 0.10.0 to PUBG Mobile and it is currently in Beta. This new update features a new snow map called Vikendi. After checking out the map, we can confidently say that it looks glorious and brings warfare to a much more competitive level.

Image Source: PUBG Mobile Promo

Vikendi is a massive 6km x 6km map that will be released soon. According to several leaks, it is scheduled to go live on the 20th of December. While this date is not set in stone, its release is likely to be this month. This map will exclusively feature snowmobiles which is a new experience to enjoy in a Battle Royale game.

Image Source: PUBG Mobile Promo

Furthermore, there is also a Resident Evil 2 crossover coming to PUBG soon and it is still unclear if it will be launching alongside this new map but it is exciting nonetheless. We can expect to see zombies in the upcoming crossover update, a feature that many players wanted to see in PUBG for a very long time. If you want to stay updated with the latest news regarding PUBG Mobile then be sure to follow our website. Finally, you can watch the gameplay trailer for the Vikendi update below.

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