PUBG Mobile: Royale Pass Season 4

PUBG Mobile has been one of the dominant battle royale games on iOS and Android for quite a while. Now, with Update 0.9.5 available alongside Season 4’s Royale Pass, the experience has become much more interesting.

Image Source: PUBG Mobile Video Promo

All maps will now have the M762 Automatic Rifle which is the first rifle to accommodate stocks. This weapon features 3 firing modes: single shot, triple shot, and full auto. In addition, Sanhok will feature a Scooter that can have 2 players on board. That is not all for Sanhok, now you will randomly experience weather changes such as sun, rain, and fog.

If you thought PUBG Mobile was easy then you can now play in Hardcore Mode. In this mode, footstep sounds and audio cues have been removed. Also, the mode will be periodically available in form of ”Hardcore Week.” With Royale Pass Season 4, firearm finishes have been increased, along with new character faces, hairstyles and outfire rewards.

Image Source: PUBG Mobile Video Promo

The developers have added 600 UC to Elite Pass rewards for gamers to get the next season’s Pass. Moreover, the redemption feature has been fine-tuned so Elite Pass holders can purchase items at a discount. There is even a Black Friday Event where items are discounted for 3 days. The system now has a higher rate of allowing you to find certain crate items for a short period of time.

Finally, there have been improvements for matchmaking and chat. The chat will now use less RAM and save more messages. You can watch the teaser trailer for Season 4 below.

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