Arena of Valor: South Korea Takes The World Cup

The Arena of Valor World Cup was the most anticipated tournament in the history of this MOBA and to witness its end resulted in mixed feelings. The tournament had a prize pool of $550,000 in total with the final winner taking $200,000 and the second top team winning $100,000.

With the top teams from countries such as China, Chinese Taipei, South Korea and Thailand, the matches were extremely competitive. This event took place on July 28th at the LA Hollywood TCL Chinese Theater. In the final match, South Korea beat Thailand, landing them the trophy and $200,000.

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While South Korea had a talented team, Thailand’s team managed to make the victory for South Korea extremely difficult. They were a well organized team that managed to give South Korea a run for their money but at the end the South Koreans managed to pull off a historical victory. The teams faced off in a best-of-five format while the grand final was based on a best-of-seven format.

This was an exciting event by Tencent and bringing Arena of Valor to the world of Mobile eSports has brought the game to its full potential. The company plans to expand the game’s eSports tournaments worldwide and we are likely to see Arena of Valor attract more teams from other MOBA competitors to its sphere.

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