Bullet Force: The Summer Cup Tournament

Among the classic and popular first person shooters, Bullet Force definitely built a name for itself within the competitive mobile community. A game that has captured people’s minds and hearts certainly deserved to enter the eSports world. Now, MOBILE E-SPORTS® has announced, in partnership with Blayze Games, the first official Bullet Force tournament dubbed as The Summer Cup.

Image Source: Mobileesports.org

Registration has just started and ends on the 28th of July while the tournament begins on the 30th of July. For the teams that will be selected, not only will they participate in a historic tournament but will be fighting for $500, unique in-game skins, and in-game currency. The winning team will receive the cash prize and the skins while the second ranking team will be rewarded 32,000 Gold currency. If your team happens to land the third spot then you will also come out with 12,500 Gold currency.

The matches will be played in Team Deathmatch mode and 32 teams will be accepted to compete in this tournament. The tournament will also ban certain weaponry which are listed in the Rules & Regulations of the competition. You can click here to learn everything about the tournament, including how to register your team. You can watch the trailer for the Bullet Force Summer Cup below.


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