Critical Ops: MOBILE E-SPORTS Brings Back King of the Arena

In 2017, MOBILE E-SPORTS® introduced a unique leaderboard-styled tournament series called King of the Arena for Critical Ops. It was very successful in creating an extremely active environment among teams and keeping the tournament competitive. After much demand for this tournament, they have announced King of the Arena: Season 3.

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Registration for this tournament is currently open and selected teams will be announced on June 13th with the tournament to begin a day following the announcement. 30 teams will be accepted to participate but due to the nature of the tournament, teams can get eliminated if they lose their entire points and will be replaced by other applicants.

Based on mutual agreement, teams can face off against each other in 3vs3, 4vs4, or 5vs5. The more players are involved the higher points you earn or lose. This type of flexibility allows online teams to be active most of the times even if they lack a complete team of 5 members. Click here to learn more about the tournament and on how to register. You can watch the promo trailer for King of the Arena: Season 3 below.


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